Shine A Light

By Wayne Kett

Whenever we accession new objects into our collection we take a great deal of care to record as much detail as possible. If information is missed at this early stage it might prove difficult to obtain later.

Norwich museums have been collecting objects since 1825, as such our collection is extremely diverse, but it’s also huge in volume. This means that inevitably from time to time we encounter objects that don’t have full records. In some cases by undertaking research it is possible to fill in any gaps in our knowledge, but other times the best we can attempt is an educated guess.

To illustrate this issue I have the perfect object! Whilst auditing box 19 (10 down 14 boxes to go!!) I found this decoupage screen. Decoupage is taken from the French word decouper and simply means to cut things out.

The screen is on a wooden…

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