Shine A Light

Trying to choose a topic to write my blog about is sometimes challenging, but at other times it’s a handed to me on a plate….or should I say in a crate! (Bad pun I know…)

Last week we opened crate 22 (number 8 to have been opened)… and we were greeted by lots of cots and commodes! A few weeks ago we also found some pall bearers and a coffin template …which I think neatly encapsulates the cycle of life…and death… and as you can see gave me the idea for this week’s blog title!

After opening the crate and some initial record checking we found that some of the cots and commodes had previously belonged to the workhouse at Pulham Market in Norfolk. Being based in the grounds of Gressenhall Farm & Workhouse (built in 1775), we at the superstore found this is particularly relevant and poignant.

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