Chas Spain

Mum says we all have to have new outfits to go on the plane to Indonesia.

This is not good. I don’t like shopping and trying on clothes.

Mum takes me to Myer’s* for a special day out. A cold wind sends leaves in little flurries down Bourke St. The city is full of cars and trams and people crowded onto the lunchtime footpaths.

‘First things first!’ Mum smiles at me and manoeuvres the pusher expertly on the escalator.

We stop for lunch at the cafeteria. I have my most favourite lunch – ham and pineapple toasted sandwich and a chocolate milkshake. Mum has some cottage cheese on rye bread and a pot of tea.

‘Next stop lingerie,’ she announces.

We go back up the escalator and I sit outside with Bart while mum tries on different bras and things in the fitting room. Bart is in a happy mood and chuckles…

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