110_1053_2As it’s been about three months since I began ‘Old School Garden’, I think it’s right to take stock of the blog and see where I go from here. And I want you to play a central part in this!

First, thanks for reading this – and even bigger thanks if you’re one of the regular followers I‘ve gathered up from different media channels! I value your interest and support and I want to make sure that in the future I deliver the sort of material that you want to see. Hence this stock take of where Old School Garden has come in the last three months and where it should go in the future.

So, what’s happened so far?

  • ‘Old School Garden’ has featured over 300 articles, pictures or other items on a wide range of topics from updates on my own gardening activities, plant information, gardening techniques, historic gardens, play landscapes, garden design as well as more ‘off the wall’ items that I hope you’ve found amusing. I’ve also reblogged some posts from fellow bloggers where I feel these deserve a wider airing
  • There are nearly 1000 followers over different media channels – with people from every continent
  • There have been over 7000 ‘hits’ or views of posts
  • There have been some very helpful and interesting comments
  • The most popular topics appear to be the pictures I’ve posted (‘PicPosts’ – I’ve posted  a lot of these in comparison to other things) as well as wildlife and nature, gardening techniques, grow your own, children (and play), design and great gardens

IMG_5000Now it’s  your turn! I need your comments or suggestions on how I proceed from here:

  • What is your overall view of ‘Old School Garden’?
  • What sorts of articles or items do you particularly like?
  • Are there any areas of gardening/ landscape/play that you’d like to see feature more often?
  • Would you like more advice or information on particular gardening techniques or topics?
  • Would you like and use opportunities to ask about and receive specific advice on your garden (e.g. design, growing your own food)?

I’d be really grateful if you would leave your comments on the above points (or any others that are important to you) on this post – or alternatively you can email me directly on nbold@btinternet.com

Thanks again for your interest and support!

Old School Gardener