2011-08-17-mowing-the-lawnMy second offering from a book I bought in a charity shop recently…..

1. Whenever you set out to do anything worthwhile in the garden, something else needs doing first.


  • There is never enough time to do it right

  • It’s too late to do it again

  • If there’s enough time and you’re not too late, it will rain.

2. In anything can go wrong in the garden, it will.


  • Every solution breeds new blight.

3. Backache is invisible.


  • Backache can be heard but not seen.

  • The one certian thing abotu backache is gardening.

4. You can cultivate the plot until your fingers turn green: if you can get it to weed itself, patent the method quick.


If you can get the lawn to mow itself then you’ve got a sure-fire winner.

From : ‘Mrs. Murphy’s Laws of Gardening’ – Faith Hines (Temple House books, 1992)

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