Bio Solar Panels

Bio-Based Solar Panels That Could Run On Dirt And Plants

‘An inspiring design aims to get rid of the expensive and toxic materials used to make solar panels today, and replace it with something a lot more natural.

What if solar panels could be dirt, plants, and batteries rather than the expensive and often toxic chemicals and heavy metals used today?

That’s the aim of this ambitious design from architecture students at a Spanish university. It uses bacteria in soil to make mini fuel cells to power devices. Plants growing in the soil keep the bacteria alive as a product of photosynthesis, and water keeps everything running. The whole structure could be simple to build….’

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The Benefits of Winter Outdoor Play

Great ideas from Wilko Life! Click on the title for the full article.

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How to Build a Propagation Bench

How to build a propagation bench

Instructions on how to create your own solar – heated bench for propagating seeds and cuttings and looking after seedlings.

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Flooding- How Permacuture Design can help


An interesting article about one person’s experience of ‘extreme weather events’ and how permaculture design helped to redesign a garden and home. Click on the title for the weblink to the article.

You might also be interested in the series of articles I wrote about Gardening and Climate Change last year- have a look in the ‘Four Seasons in One Day’ category of articles in the right hand column.

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How to build a Cold Frame

‘Spring is around the corner and it will soon be time to start sowing seeds.

For those of us who haven’t got a greenhouse, (especially a nice warm one like our editor Maddy’s, who has been using her hot bin composter to keep her greenhouse above freezing all winter), the unpredictable weather can have a huge impact on when we start our seeds. With the possibility of late frosts, seeds can be easily damaged, right through to April and May.

So making a cold frame is a great way to start off your seeds in a warmer and more protected environment, until they are strong enough to be planted out in the unpredictable weather……’

Great idea from Permaculture Magazine – click on the title link for further information and other useful links

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Cuba and Cake in Norfolk

Norfolk Master Gardeners heard about Permaculture in Cuba, celebrated achievements in helping communities, schools and families in growing their own food and planned for the future at a recent event in Norwich. If you’re growing your own food and live in the Breckland area of Norfolk, you could join the team!

Find out more by clicking the title link.

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World Temperature Records on Google Earth

‘Climate researchers at the University of East Anglia have made the world’s temperature records available via Google Earth.

The Climatic Research Unit Temperature Version 4 (CRUTEM4) land-surface air temperature dataset is one of the most widely used records of the climate system.

The new Google Earth format allows users to scroll around the world, zoom in on 6,000 weather stations, and view monthly, seasonal and annual temperature data more easily than ever before.

Users can drill down to see some 20,000 graphs – some of which show temperature records dating back to 1850.

The move is part of an ongoing effort to make data about past climate and climate change as accessible and transparent as possible…..’

click on the title for the full article and link to the data

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A fascinating photo log of an elderly couple standing in the same position in their cottage garden through the seasons…. and with a touching end pic….

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Open Ended Spaces

‘Loose parts play’ is a well known term to describe play that is not prescribed, but enables children to use ‘stuff’ to make their own play world. This interesting blog extends that concept into ‘open ended spaces’, where the design is ambiguous, but full of play possibilities. I try to include such spaces when designing playful landscapes – click on the ‘playful landscapes’ category on the right for some examples.

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Hedgehog Survey- Can You help?

photo by Hedgehog Champion Mark Sant

‘2014 Hibernation Survey

We need your help to collect hedgehog records from 1st February until 31st August 2014.

Simply tell us every time you see a hedgehog, noting its location and whether it is alive or dead…..’

Click on the link above for more information

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Finding Nature

Nature Connectedness Research Blog by Prof. Miles Richardson

Norfolk Green Care Network

Connecting People with Nature

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