wp_20160929_13_42_00_proBack to Thursday at Blickling this week. An interesting, if not particularly tiring day helping to erect the new fruit cage that I thought might have been up already!

I’m not sure about why there had been a delay, but no matter, it was an enjoyable day working mainly with Project Manager Mike, Gardeners Ed and Rebecca, Norfolk Peter and a couple of guys sent over by the supplier to help.

Reminiscent of the task we had putting in the oak posts to support the raspberries, this involved lining up the posts, sinking receivers into the ground for the powder coated posts and then fixing the cross rails, making sure all were vertical and level as we went. We finished off with some corner braces to fix the outer posts rigid. The cage had been specially made to fit the irregular shape of the fruit bed, so I spent some time sorting out the different lengths of cross rail and placing them ready to be fitted.



After lunch I took a different route back to the Walled Garden; the sun was out and people were enjoying a late summer day by the lake…

Back to cage fighting! After a few moments of cursing at posts that wouldn’t stand straight or rails that weren’t level, with the aid of a sizeable rubber mallet and spirit level, we were able to ensure the structure looked neat and tidy. There was also a good standard of ‘garden banter’ on offer!

..near the end..of our tethers?!

..near the end..of our tethers?!

By the time I had to leave the bulk of the cage was up, leaving just one side to be put in. I think Mike is going to put the side netting on, but in case of heavy snow this winter, is leaving the roof off until the spring. I also had a spare ten minutes so I weeded the large piles of compost waiting to be put on the ground as mulch.

I also had the chance to speak with Mike about one or two matters I raised in last week’s post. First, I was right about the new compost bins- they are designed as ‘hot bins’ so don’t need any extra aeration. Mike tells me the temperature in the middle is already up in the 70’s fahrenheit! Second, he does plan to put in some green manure on the pumpkin beds, but it looks like its getting a bit late to sow any but a variety of grazing rye, so we shall see. I noticed that the beds had already been dug over following my clear up last week.

Ready for rye...

Ready for rye…

Today was the beginning of ‘sign up’ for the series of winter talks put on for volunteers here- a great idea. I’ve signed up to hear Mike talk further about the Walled Garden and also Assistant Head Gardener Steve, who is sharing his many year’s memories of working at Blickling….that should be ‘interesting’…

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