The Double Borders taking on a different character-post Tulips

The Double Borders taking on a different character-post Tulips

A month has passed since my last session at Blickling, due to stays in Scotland and Devon. So, the need to get REALLY busy in Old School Garden has meant I’ve not been posting much original material on the blog recently- sorry about that, but if you’re a gardener, I think that you’ll understand.

Anyway, when I did return to Blickling it was great to meet up with the Thursday team once more and help them with Penstemon planting; these are put out in what seems like thousands, to replace the Hyacinth bulbs that give the early spring display above one edge of the Parterre. We mixed up some over -wintered older plants with some newer plants grown from cuttings. Some of these had mildew; hopefully they’ll recover and put on a good show. By the end of the day, the border was complete.

Over in the Walled Garden, the planting out continues, and several areas are now bulking up quite nicely. The long awaited oak noticeboard has been more or less completed with its beautifully carved top.

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It was good to be back and to see how things have continued to move on. Next week it will be a Wednesday session, and hopefully back in the Walled Garden.

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