moving-shrubs-step5Deciduous shrubs should be moved while dormant, and evergreens in September/ October, or March/April. Dig a small trench around the shrub so that you can get your spade underneath, and lift out a good-sized root ball. To compensate for the damage to the roots, prune back the top growth of deciduous shrubs by 25 per cent to reduce trasnpiration from the leaves. Evergreens should not be cut back, but they will benefit from protection form cold, drying winds. Spray with an antitranspirant spray, sold as Christmas tree spray.

If the root ball is heavy, place it onto an old compost sack or other heavy-duty sheet in order to drag the shrub to its new planting site. Alternatively a sack trolley might do the job.

Source: ‘Short Cuts to Great Gardens- Reader’s Digest 1999