My last session at Blickling Hall involved a lot of weeding along paths in the double borders- which continue to look superb as late summer flower colour is added to by the flourishing grasses.

Path weeding...never ending....

Path weeding…never ending….


The White Borders are also looking particularly good, and the Penstemons seem to be hanging on too.

One of the pleasures of volunteering in the gardens is getting to meet and talk with the visitors, many of whom have great gardening experience. On this occasion I was asked the names of three different plants in the borders and I rather surprised myself that I knew all of their latin names! Must be a fluke…

The last person to ask me seemed more than usually interested in the latin names; it turned out he was a chemist and knew latin pretty well, so was able to translate some of the more common terms for describing colours, flower and foliage form etc.

Eupatorium ('Joe Pye Weed')- one of those latin names...

Eupatorium (‘Joe Pye Weed’)- one of those latin names…

I was also amazed to see how tall  the Pawlonia had grown and with such huge leaves! You may recall me being given the task earlier in the year of pruning these back; it certainly seems to have paid off.

Pawlonia- massive foliage

Pawlonia- massive foliage

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