My mother-in-law's Paul's Himalayan Musk rose looking good, but too big for it's pergola...

OK, I’m sorry that my blog posts have dried up for a while. My excuse? Decorating. Trying to get bedrooms back in commission to house our returning brood has pretty much put paid to garden blogging over the last couple of weeks- and pretty much put paid to gardening for that matter.

Yesterday I did finally manage to plant out some cauliflowers and purple sprouting broccoli and prune my fan and column fruit trees. My volunteer sessions at Blickling Hall and Gressenhall Farm & Workhouse Museum have also been short and sharp.

In fact I’m sitting here with my new(ish) tablet at 6am trying to compose a post as my normal computer is only just emerging from layers of dust covers and, yes, dust.

So, my apologies and I promise to get back into routine in the next couple of weeks, gradually…

To whet your whistle here are a few posts that are waiting in line:
A wonderful trip to Holland Park, featuring a Japanese garden
Two recent sessions at Blickling including a visit to the Rose Garden
A fascinating outing to two superb gardens near home and not normally open to the public; Oxnead Hall and Corpusty Mill
A review of a rather useful cordless chainsaw I’ve been sent, including how it helped me (and my new neighbours) see the end of a thug of an ivy tree (I joke not), that was invading our border areas.

And, as usual, I’ll be threading in some lovely PicPosts and, hopefully, useful tips to keep you on your gardening toes!

As a little something to keep you going here’s a link to a nice little clip about volunteer gardening at Gressenhall, which features a newt named Nigel!

I’ll be in touch. Promise.
Old School Gardener