This week’s little jaunt at Blickling was a revisit to the Winter Garden, which I helped to start clearing of leaves and generally tidying up, last week.

The crisp cold day began with more leaf clearing and I was soon joined by half a dozen other volunteers who were kind enough to start clearing and loading the various leaf piles I made as I went across the borders. Fortunately I’d finished raking by lunchtime and could begin ‘tickling’ the matted soil surface with a border fork; generally perking up the look of the borders, including revealing many more clumps of snow drops and hellebores and doing the odd bit of pruning to Dogwoods that were starting to layer.

After and hour the heavens opened- thunder, lightning and a heavy snow shower made the going rather more challenging. We continued for a while, but it was soon clear that the snow was settling and we couldn’t see the earth for turning, so ‘an early bath’ was in order. Thanks to the ‘Leaf Maidens’ who diligently gathered in next year’s leaf mould and worked with me to improve the appearance of this garden.

Sorry about the poor quality photographs- a combination of wet screen, poor light and shaking hands (in the cold) made for a bit of ‘shake’ on the ‘phone camera!



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