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At the AGM weekend in Norfolk, Bressingham Gardens provided a contrast to the visit to The Harralds, but proved equally fascinating, with interesting vistas throughout.  The garden was first developed by Alan Bloom (1906-2005), and opened to the public in 1962, showing the new concept of using perennials in island beds.  These island beds are still evident today as historical plantings and newer introductions exist together with the number of distinct varieties now in the region of 8000.

???????????????????????????????Jaime Blake, Head Gardener and Alan’s son-in-law, gave a highly informative talk about the gardens, in particular the Dell Garden and the techniques they use for managing the perennials and the gardens, to maintain its history and for the future. Bressingham gardens also hold the National Collection of Miscanthus.


What is most striking, apart from the desire to visit the gardens again, is the different views that appeared in the rolling open landscape turn of the garden.

Paeonia 'Illini Belle' Paeonia ‘Illini Belle’


Seeing perennials in large…

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