Want to improve the attractiveness and functioning of your garden? Then read on...

Want to improve the attractiveness and functioning of your garden? Then read on…

The Reepham Learning Community, here in Norfolk, offers a range of courses in the evenings and during the day in a wide range of topics. I’m hoping to run my second course on Garden Design, commencing next Monday, 23rd September, 7pm – 9pm at Reepham High School & College.

It’s a six session programme using a mixture of discussion, presentation and surgery – type advice to individuals who want to apply some design thinking  to their own gardens. The course will help you:

  • think about what you want from your garden
  • use different ways of appraising and surveying your current plot
  • with an introduction to different garden styles
  • understand what is meant by strong garden structure and appropriate, attractive planting, and
  • how to put this all together in a scale drawing of your future plans.

It also features a garden visit to see some of the principles of garden design in practice and encourage a critical approach to assessing gardens.

The first course involved 9 participants, a good-sized group allowing for a healthy level of discussion and individual attention. I know those that took part felt better equipped to tackle their own garden development after sharing issues and ideas, seeing examples of well designed gardens and picking up some key skills and tips along the way.

The next course is close to achieving a viable number of participants, so if you or someone you know is interested in getting some help in designing their own garden then please see more information at www.reephamlearningcommunity.co.uk or call Sandie Athow on 01603 308133.

Oh, and by the way, later in the coming week I’ll be starting a new series of articles focusing on design  tips to improve your garden. The series-  called’ Design my Garden’ –  will start with a few thoughts about designing a garden for someone who has some sort of disability.

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